Chrome Web Store

You can install uDomainFlag for Chrome via the the web store
The Privacy Policy applies if installing uDomainFlag.
Currently, version 2.1.1 is available via the online store.

Latest versions

- Correct policyServer check
- Add Weblate translation
- Add Frech and Spanish translations. Thanks @anthonygraignic
- Support policy based configuration (Administrative settings)
- Allow administrator to disable crash reports and set custom server domain
- Send client secret (administrative setting) as header
- Extend local cache to reduce requests
- Do not show IP multiple times in popup
- Update to new addresses (
- Add dark mode for settings
- Allow local domain lookups in enterprise mode
- Backend changed from to
- uDomainFlag will fall back to if primary domain is not reachable
- Disabled crashreport flag due to high amount of requests
- Added request timeout for domain lookup
- Add note if extension is company managed
- Use correct title when browsing internal domain
- Licence changed to MPL 2.0
- Fix error catch in sentry
- Dependency update (sentry)
- Translation updates
- IndexedDB got replaced by a simple key value cache
- New backend for API requests
- Simplification of program logic
- Use of canvas to prevent blurry icons
- Remove of social and WoT data (API deprecation)
- Compatibility to Firefox and EDGE
- Error tracking using sentry (can be disabled)
- Remove of jQuery and Bootstrap

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